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Peter Mathews is a physical therapist and personal trainer and has worked within the fitness industry for the past 15 years, a successful distance runner, at national and international level, winning 9 national titles for cross country and track. He has represented Ireland on several occasions, finishing 10th in the European Cross Country Championships and 22nd in the World Cross Country Championships. More recently he has had great success at Master’s level, winning the British & Irish International Cross Country Championships on two occasions.

Throughout his career Peter has experienced many sports injuries as well as day to day injuries both acute and chronic. He has gained a reputation for treating running injuries from amateurs to professionals and supporting clients with strength and conditioning training.


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Sports Massage


Sports Massage is very helpful for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. It is a good way to keep muscles loose, increase flexibility, reduce injuries and improve recovery time.


Effects of sports massage:
Physical Effects
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce muscle spasm
  • Improve formation of scar tissue
  • Reduce swelling
Physiological Effects
  • Increase blood & lymph flow
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase supply of oxygen and nutrient to soft tissue
  • Decrease waste products
  • Relieve pain
  • Stimulate nervous system


Integrated Therapy
& Fitness For Runners


Prevention is always the best medicine but even the best prevention strategies cannot altogether banish injuries, effective rehabilitation is a key part of any prevention program, it comes down to strengthening. Strengthen and condition your entire body, work towards muscular-skeletal balance, become functionally stable.



If you are an athlete, busy professional or anyone in-between, I can help you feel better, faster. Physical therapy can help you with any kind of pain or strain that keeps you from performing functional daily activities, such as trouble bending over, sharp pains in specific areas such as neck or back, tingling sensations, inflammation, or limited mobility in limbs, or if you’ve recently had surgery or suffered an injury and your pain has become unbearable.

& Personal Training


Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, reduce stress or increase your strength and flexibility, I can help. I will provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to achieve the results you desire. By carefully analysing you personal goals, exercise history and fitness levels, I will design and implement an exercise program that is safe, effective and specifically tailored to you individual needs. I do one to one training sessions or small groups.



Dublin Sports Clinic, 24 – 26 South Cumberland St, Dublin 2

Email: peter@petermathewsfitness.ie  |  Phone: +353 (0) 879411640